Support for statement Engaging Public Issues

We support Willem Schinkel, Jess Bier and Rogier van Reekum with their statement against Anti-Black Racism and White Supremacy in their teaching, in which they commit themselves to connecting students "[...]to relevant offices that are available through the university, including the student counselor, Erasmus School of Colour and the diversity office. "

Furthermore, we encourage their "[...]ongoing efforts to counter and abolish anti-Black racism and white supremacy within the Engaging Public Issues (EPI) master track in sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In the track, and the university more broadly, we seek to collectively create a space where BIPOC students can thrive, and where all students can shape their education in ways that work to unlearn and undo anti-Black racism and white supremacy, although that undoing necessarily takes multiple forms."

Please find their statement on the EUR website: